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PERFORM is an intuitive, web-based Performance Management System that enables organizations to translate their strategy into concrete, measurable goals through the use of customizable performance metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), scorecards and dashboards. Performance is continually enhanced as problems are identified, highlighted and corrective actions taken. When top-level performance issues surface, automated data capture processes make it possible to “drill down” into further levels of detail to pinpoint the problems. Securely log on anytime, anywhere to monitor your organization’s performance!

PERFORM for Healthcare

PERFORM for Healthcare is specifically designed to meet the performance management requirements of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and other healthcare providers. Automated data capturing processes are used to extract data from EHRs, EMRs, CMS-provided claims, labs, hospitals, pharmacies and other data sources for storage in a data warehouse. Dashboards are used to manage quality, cost and patient care performance metrics and KPIs. Costs are reduced and quality outcomes improved as problems are identified, highlighted and corrective action taken.

PERFORM for Federal Contracting

PERFORM for Federal Contracting is specifically designed for Federal contractors who are bidding or working on performance-based contracts. It has unique features germane to the Federal contracting environment that facilitates all facets of performance management for both Federal contractors and their customers.


GEMS is a flexible, enterprise-wide system used to address a variety of program management requirements including data integration, analysis and reporting. It is based on a Secure, Consolidated and Centralized Data Warehouse that runs on many platforms. GEMS extracts data and is compatible with a wide range of Federal and Commercial Business Systems. It has been used on USAF, NASA, Federal Prime Contractor and Fortune 500 corporate programs.


GCTS is a DCAA and FAR compliant contractor timekeeping and labor tracking system.