GSA Schedule



Authorized Federal Supply Service Information Technology Schedule General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software and Services

Special Item Numbers

  • 132-33 – Perpetual Software Licenses
  • 132-34 – Maintenance of General Purpose Commercial IT Software
  • 132-50 – Training Courses
  • 132-51 – Information Technology Professional Services
  • FPDS Class D301 IT Facility Operations and Maintenance
  • FPDS Class D302 IT Systems Development Services
  • FPDS Class D306 IT Systems Analysis Services
  • FPDS Class D307 Automated Information Systems Design/Integration Services
  • FPDS Class D308 Programming Services
  • FPDS Class D311 IT Data Conversion
  • FPDS Class D316 IT Network Management
  • FPDS Class D399 Other Information Technology Services, NEC